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We are “Yao-Garu”

We are starting “Yao-Garu”

We will provide information about Yao City in four languages: Easy Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and English. Many people from overseas backgrounds live in Yao City. “Yao-Garu” will provide you with the information you need so that you can live in your community safely and comfortably.

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2023/8/25    Do you know about the National Health Insurance?

2023/8/22    Do you know all of Japan’s Traffic Rules?

2023/8/18    Abandoned Bicycles Cause Trouble for Everyone

2023/8/15    Manners for your time in parks

2023/8/10    Beware of Redback Spiders!!

2023/8/07    Yao Homework Week ∼Enjoy doing homework with the Help Squad∼

2023/8/03  Up to 30,000 yen per appliance!  Energy Saving Home Appliance Replacement Subsidy

2023/8/01    “Making Arabian Sweets for the First Time” for parents and kids. 

2023/7/28    Please watch out for Typhoons and Heavy Rains!

2023/7/24    Scholarships to Help Young People Flourish

2023/7/22    “Online Consultation” (Free Service)

2023/7/18    Please be careful of Heat Stroke!

2023/7/14    Eligibility Certificate for Ceiling-Amount Application Eligibility Certificate for Ceiling-Amount Application and

                   Reduction of the Standard Amount of Patient Liability

2023/7/11  Takayasuyama Festival

2023/7/07    Yao City Foreign Residents’ Council Meeting

                   Would you like to be a member of the Foreign Residents’ Council?

2023/7/04    Yao Edamame are so Delicious!

2023/6/30    Looking for contestants for the “YIC Multilingual Speech Contest”!!

2023/6/27    Do you know about the National Health Insurance?

2023/6/23    National Pension

2023/6/14    How to Dispose of Garbage

2023/6/13    Sending out Free-Coupon for Breast and Cervical Cancer Screenings

2023/6/08    Have you applied yet? The Osaka Prefecture Children’s Food Expense Support Project

2023/6/05    Information for those who have been infected with COVID-19 and those who have spent long periods of  

                    time with people who have been infected

2023/6/02    Priority Support Benefits to help with Rising Prices of Electricity, Gas, Food, etc.

2023/5/28    Calling for anyone hoping to live in Public Municipal Housing

2023/5/25    Calling for Students Needing Scholarships

2023/5/21    Special Child-Rearing Benefits for Low-Income Child-Rearing Households

2023/5/18    Prepare an Emergency Kit (Things to take with you during an emergency evacuating)

2023/5/15    Please watch out for Typhoons and Heavy Rains!

2023/5/11    Starting Mary 8, many hospital services for COVID-19 will not be free

2023/5/08    New Coronavirus (COVID-19) downgraded to a Class 5 Infectious Disease

2023/4/30    Support Available for School-Related Financial Needs for Elementary and Junior High School Students

2023/4/26    Residence Status, Work, Life, Pension, Children, etc.Consultation for foreigners having any trouble

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