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Accepting Applicants for Municipal Housing

  • How to Get an Application Form:

Please pick up an application form between June 3 (Monday) and June 17 (Monday) at the following locations:

City Hall West Bldg. 1F Yao Municipal Housing Management Center

Any Branch Office

Midorigaoka Community Center

Katsura Human Rights Community Center

Yasunaka Human Rights Community Center

Any Library

Yao Lifelong Learning Center (Kagayaki)

Application forms can also be downloaded from the Yao Municipal Housing Management Center website:

  • Application:

Applications accepted until June 17 (Monday).  Please apply by either ① or ②.

  1. Bring your application form directly to the counter by June 17.

  2. Send the application form by mail. Please put it in the mailbox by June 16.

Inquiries: Yao Municipal Housing Management Center

TEL: 072-924-3858

FAX: 072-924-2301

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